Tasters Team

Joaquin Patilla

Joaquín Patilla Ramos - CEO

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and team building, no matter the challenge, we will always find the solution. The key to our development lies in our attitude and motivation, only we can be responsible for our success, with perseverance, hard work and good service.

Ricardo Martínez

Ricardo Martínez Ramírez - Senior Manager

He is characterized by his problem-solving skills and his passion for the field. Energy made person and the voice of experience, always provides points of view that bring the organization closer to its customers and their needs.

Marta Patilla

Marta Patilla Ramos - Sales Manager

It is the joy of the team, it is the definition of constancy and endurance. She is responsible for the commercial development in the United States, in her hands is all the relationship with distributors, as well as with our best restaurant clients, chefs and sommeliers.

Quality is non-negotiable.

Joaquín Patilla